Fun Phrases - Learning Tips

Learning tips

Always wanted to learn languages easily and quickly? Follow these 7 easy tips!

1Practice regularly. This seems obvious, but people are still surprised with the fact that a lot can be forgotten within a couple of months.

2Do not focus on remembering separate words. Pay attention to context and lexis.

3Do not try to look for one-to-one correspondence in your language. Learning languages has little to do with translation. It is the ability to think and speak in a new way, using the new language key. Did you know that bilingual people tend to switch their personalities when they switch languages?

4You will never actually become bilingual unless you are younger than 7, which is the critical age after which no language exposition will make you transform into a native speaker. Good news is that you can still get really close to native proficiency!

5Grammatical rules are important, but the ability to actually use the language is more important. Therefore, do not overdo. And, first of all, do not let you grammatical imperfections stop you from communicating.

6When you don't feel like learning, watch a movie. But watch it with foreign language subtitles on. Or try to look for a movie whose original language is the one you want to acquire. Maybe you can watch some TV in your target language. Or read some articles. There are lots of possibilities to make your command of foreign language better with minimal or no effort.

7Start writing a diary. This is not a joke. In foreign language, of course. This is the best way to learn how to express your thoughts about everyday life or problems.